Future Thrust Areas

Based on the experience of the past two Decades and the Global realities, the Society realizes that the lack of support and resultant erosion of excellence and leadership in various aspects of Holistic Development of Indian (Bharatiya) Society is one of the most significant challenges facing us. While urgent Policy Interventions are required on all these aspects, it is important that grass-root action is also initiated at the following levels:

    1. Establish Model Projects of Community/Public Health for Primary Health care involving Traditional Medicines & Local Health Practitioners.
    1. Network for identification and promotion of Excellence in Traditional Medicines & Local Health Traditions and their Practitioners.
    1. Ensure S&T interventions for Holistic Development in Rural (and Urban) areas involving Agriculture, Livestock, Water Management, Artisanal technologies, Education and Health Care.

The Society proposes to get involved directly in some of these actions while networking with like minded organizations, both in the Govt., Private as well as Voluntary Sector to ensure desired impact.




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