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Jeevaniya Society presented its literature on Health Care and Organic products for healthy living at the NBRI Flower Show on 9-10 December 2017

Jeevaniya Society presented its literature and organic products for healthy living at the Annual Flower Show of NBRI on 9-10 December 2017 this year also. The Flower Show was inaugurated by Honorable Mr. Brajesh Pathak, State Law and Justice Minister. Mr. Pathak took a lot of interest in the products of Jeevaniya Society and appreciated efforts of the society and wished for its bright future. The Society showcased its range of products which were produce by farmers without using toxic chemicals. These included flours of maize, bajra and other coarse cereals besides healthy Saanva Rice, Quinoa and health promoting Turmeric powder, Tulsi Ark, Rose Water, Turmeric Leaves Oil, a variety of medicinal jaggery, Honey and herbal tea combinations for cough & cold or stress busting herbal powders and insect repellent and medicinal plants which were center of attraction. This year, the society also encouraged the entrepreneurs who made biscuits from Coarse Cereals with healthy khandsari and home-made pickles made from organic mango and jackfruit. Visitors who visited the exhibition praised the products of our society, especially many types of jaggery, coarse cereals & its biscuits, turmeric powder and turmeric leaves oil. The Society's Co-ordinator Mr. R.P. Tripathi gave information to the visitors about the products of the society, as well as Dr. Narendra Mehrotra presented the visitors about the benefits of Organic farming and the benefits of the organic produce and the chemical products produced from them. Most people were health conscious there. This year, the society encouraged people to grow organic vegetables in their homes and themselves make manure from kitchen waste and bio-waste. For this, we have introduced a Organic Kitchen Gardening Kit which has attracted attention of many people who are cultivating organic vegetables at home, besides flowers & horticultural plants. In this flower show more than 20 companies had put up their stalls, which included stalls of plant nurseries, crockery, manure making, etc. in addition to the stalls of scientific agencies. Like every year, large number of visitors from all over India came to enjoy the flower show.

Jeevaniya Society Silver Jubilee Symposium at Regional Science City, Lucknow on 8th February 2017

Jeevaniya Society Silver Jubilee Symposium On Sustanable Development: Agriculture, Health and Livelihood held on Regional Science City, Lucknow on 8th Feb, 2017

Tree Plantation - The Heritage of the Next Generation

A Tree Plantation Program & Health Exhibition was organised with this spirit on July 16, 2017 jointly by "Jeevaniya Society" and "Swadhyay Kendra" at Boganvelia Park located at Nirala Nagar, Lucknow.

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