About Us

Jeevaniya Society is a Voluntary support organization working for the last more than 20 years as part of a movement to revitalize Local Health Traditions and Traditional Indian Systems of Health Care for Holistic Health. It has been working for rural industrialization and related programs to ensure better life, particularly for the rural poor, besides initiating and organizing programs of utilizing scientific prowess for the same. The Society has been working with Experts as well as NGOs, S&T and other Institutions, Government Organizations and all concerned for networking as well as direct action with a perspective of Sustainable and Holistic Development based on Indigenous strengths of Swadeshi Framework.

In order to generate awareness about these aspects, Society has been working to not only promote the cultivation & use of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAPs) for Health Care & Income Generation but also encourage Sustainable Agriculture & Holistic Rural Development, involving skill development and Value Education.

The Society has undertaken a program to develop a cluster of villages around Malihabad (Lucknow ) as a Model of 'Holistic Development' by involvement of their inherent knowledge, resource base & strengths of both the Rural & Urban populations for establishing a mutually complementary Network and ensuring 'Ubhay Samrudhi', whereby all stakeholders are enriched. Society has undertaken education, Research and communication of scientific knowledge on these aspects to eventually influence policy interventions at various levels.

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