Projects Completed

Following is the summary of the projects completed by Jeevaniya society. Please contact us to receive a copy of the Project report.
Sr. No Programme/ Project Sponsor/ Collaborators Period Objectives Outcomes Remarks
1 Lok Swasthya Parampara Samvardhan* CAPART, GoI Ayurveda Dept, GoUP 1988-
Promotion of Health Traditions to evolve a self reliant model of Primary Health Care - Primary Health Care & Awareness through a Herbal Garden and Simple medicine preparation facility set up at Govt. Ayurveda Dispensary
- Survey & documentation of LHTs & LHPs in the community & networking
2 Brainstorming Workshops on Research Priorities in Local Health Traditions** DST, CAPART, GoI, CDRI Lucknow March 1989 Identify priority of research areas to enrich and promote local health traditions Completed the Workshop, submitted report & recommendations DST initiated a program on medicinal plants
3 Publication of Jeevaniya Magazines in Hindi & English** CAPART 1989-98 To attain self reliance in primary health care by using medicinal plants and other food materials found nearby Published regularly for 9 years and widely circulated Used by large no. of NGOs and Govt. agencies in health education and Adult literacy campaigns also.
4 Jadi Booti Yatra to Valley of flowers** CAPART, GOI May 1990 To collect knowledge about endangered species of medicinal plants and methods of their preservation Collected data on more than 100 plants Follow-up Yatras undertaken at Chitrakoot, Ginda, Udaipur & Kangra
5 National Convention on Jaundice** DST, GoI, CAPART, CDRI Lucknow Sept 91 To share the experiences amongst physician of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha & Allopathy about various aspects of Jaundice Completed the convention, Report published & Programme initiated by collaborators Health care and research institutions followed with R&D
6 Health Care and Survey of Jaundice epidemic in Kanpur Self Collections & Contribution from Industry, Coordination from Govt. of UP May-July 1991 To understand reasons of spreading epidemic and its magnitude by epidemiological survey and provide health care facilities Provided Health Care and conducted door to door survey of 2000 households. Report & recommendations submitted to State Govt. also. Studies showed it to be the largest ever reported Jaundice epidemic in the world (Two papers published) and follow up also at Lucknow
7 Publication of Wall papers on Local Health Traditions NCSTC, GoI 1991-94 To spread information about medicinal plants and prevention from common diseases Total of 13 Wall Papers published Being used by large no. of NGOs and Govt. agencies in health education and Adult literacy campaign
8 Publication of Hindi Translations of Monographs on Local Health Traditions CAPART, GoI 1989-94 Hindi translations of LSPSS monographs were published to spread the information amongst hindi speaking people Three monographs published One of the monograph was awarded best for 1996-97 by Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
9 Training programmes on Science Journalism to develop a course outline for same NCSTC, GoI 1994-97 Development of curriculum for training science communicators amongst person working in institutions and individuals Two training programmes of 12 weeks each besides curriculum development and Evaluation Workshops were organized Trainees completed their assignments and received certificates from VC and recognized by Lucknow University
10 Publication of Booklets on Science in Daily life NCSTC, GoI 1995-
To publish books on popular science to promote scientific temper & understanding about science 8 books published with different styles of science writing Private publishers also published some of our similar booklets
11 Status and availability of Medicinal Plants in North India CAPART, GoI 1995-
Availability of medicinal plants in market, nurseries, garden data collection in selected states Survey report published in 2005 Follow up interaction done in several states
12 International Ayurveda Conference Bio-Ved (USA & India), SGPGI, CDRI Lucknow 1997 To have a dialogue between Ayurveda and modern medicine to develop fundamentals and specific themes Conducted a conference in collaboration with SGPGI & CDRI Follow-up done with agency and others to develop projects
13 North Indian convention of Local Health Practitioners & NGOs IGSSS, Delhi & CDRI Lucknow 1998 Bringing together local practitioners from northern states and creating resources and their experiences State-wise network of North Indian ISM practitioners being founded Series of follow up meeting organized
14 Regional convention on Traditional Medicine, Lucknow PPST Foundation & State Ayurvedic College, Lucknow Sept 1998 To understand the status and role of LHTs in North India for Primary Health Care Ayurveda, Unani & LHTs from North India & NGO representatives participated to identify the issues, souvenir published Involvement of various stakeholders tried for implementation of the recommendations
15 Convention on traditional health at IIIrd congress on traditional S&T CAPART, CSIR, ICPR, PPST Foundation Chennai, Institute of Gandhian Studies Varanasi Oct 1998 To organize a dialogue between various stakeholder on the potential & Role of LHTs in Indian context Organization of the conference involving scientists, NGOs & Health Care Practitioners, Souvenir Published Involvement of various stakeholders tried for implementation of the recommendations
16 Golden Jubilee Conference on development of herbal drugs and National Exposition on Herbal products as a Regional Event of Swadeshi Vigyan Mela CAPART, SIDBI, Vigyan Bharti, CBMD, Dept of ISM&H, CSIR, KVIC, GoI, CST of UP Apr 2000 To organize a dialogue between Practitioners of different Systems of Medicine for development of Drugs Organization of a conference & evolving recommendations for implementation at various levels. Demonstration of selected special practices from Traditional Medicines & Publication of Abstracts & Background papers Recommendations sent to various stakeholders
17 Improving awareness & availability of ISM remedies with particular reference to promote under RCH Program Deptt of Family Welfare, GoI 1999-2003 Generating awareness & availability of Herbal Medicines in Lucknow District - Set up several Herbal Gardens in schools, parks, with farmers & family kitchen herbal gardens to promote their use through Health Camps and Awareness campaigns.
- Published a book on '51 medicinal plants in RCH',  a booklet each on "Herbal Remedies in MCH", "Spices for HealthCare", ”set of 20 posters”  & several pamphlets on Herbal Remedies
Health camps and Awareness programmes are continuing
18 Training in Agro-forestry of Medicinal Plants in UP National Medicinal Plants Board, GoI 2004-06 Promoting cultivation of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants in surrounding districts Promoted cultivation of MAPs by organization of training & awareness programmes, provision of quality planting material, setting up demo cultivation & publication of a book on 'Preliminary Guide to commercial cultivation of MAPs' and helping them in processing & marketing of their produce Continuing this work on our own
19 National conference on Medicinal Plants & Home remedies in Primary Health Care & Income generation CAPART, KVIC, CSIR, NBRI, CST of UP March 2003 To share the experiences of Jeevaniya society & others on the use of MAPs & home remedies in Primary Health Care and Income generation & developing future strategies Experts from various concerned area across the country participated and shared their experiences on the occasion of completion of 'A decade of Jeevaniya Society'. Published souvenir & Abstracts Expanding this work on our own & through Reports & recommendations follow up
20 Cluster development in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants in UP & Uttaranchal SIDBI, UP 2005-07 To develop clusters of Farmers & Entrepreneurs who would be involved in the chain from cultivation to processing & marketing of MAPs from UP & UT Organized groups of farmers & entrepreneurs who would cultivate, process & market MAPs & their processed produce through Buyers'-Sellers' networking meet. Set up a processing & distillation plant for organizing demonstrations and helping farmers with primary processing of MAPs  
21 Awareness generation on Plant Biodiversity conservation through school gardens DST, GoI 2007-09 To generate awareness amongst students and teachers about the importance of bio-diversity and its uses Set-up 10 herbal gardens in rural and urban educational institutions of Lucknow. Organized several orientation workshops, visits and awareness campaigns Several other schools and institutions are approaching us for setting up similar gardens.

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