Jeevaniya Society strongly believes in the strength of all knowledge systems and wishes to evolve Models of 'Holistic Rural Development' with Swadeshi & Sustainable Perspective by involvement of the inherent knowledge, resource base & strengths of both the Rural & Urban populations.


The Society wishes to evolve and promote sustainable and self-reliant Swadeshi models of Holistic Development in our villages. This will be achieved by helping them to reduce gap in their infrastructure & its efficacy and empower villagers to ensure 'Holistic' health care, agricultural prosperity, quality education and skill development. The Society wants to ensure due value to the rural resources, including their Knowledge Systems, through long term & Holistic Community Involvement in decision making as well as implementation of such programs.


  • Working towards building a Prosperous & Healthy Society where people can express the best potential of their creative energies.
  • Developing self-reliant models of Primary Health Care.
  • Promoting and undertaking education, Research and communication of the knowledge of Indian Health systems.
  • Propagating the cultivation, processing and marketing of medicinal plants and their use.
  • Working for primary health care and improvement in social, economic & spiritual status, particularly of villagers & tribal people.
  • Working for rural industrialization and related programs to ensure better life, particularly for the rural poor.
  • Initiating and organizing programs of science popularization for encouraging Scientific Temper in the society.


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