Policy Initiatives for Broader Impact

Based on the Requests Made by the Following:

  1. Helped Deptt. of Science & Technology, GoI to develop their program on Medicinal Plants & Traditional Medicine through Recommendations of our Brainstorming sponsored by them and inputs to successive Advisors (1988-92).
  2. Provided Inputs to CAPART (Earlier CART) for their programs of Rural Technology, Rural Development and Revitalization of Local Health Traditions in various capacities (1988-2004).
  3. Provided Inputs to Planning Commission, GoI as a Member of their Working Groups on ISM &H for preparation of VIII, IX & X Five Year Plans and on Voluntary Sector for the Xth FYP.
  4. The Secretary also provided inputs to AYUSH as a Member of Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia Committee and on Patenting Issues to CCRAS and to various programs of NMPB.
  5. Prepared the official IXth Five Year Plan Document for all Departments of the Min. of Health & Family Welfare of UP Govt. and an official Document to set up a Medical University in UP. These documents were accepted by the UP govt. (1996-97).
  6. Prepared drafts of the proposed S&T Policy for UP Govt. and made a presentation to the Committee of Secretaries of UP Govt. for its approval (1995-1999). Also contributed to the Proposed S&T Policy of MP Govt. (2007-09)
  7. Prepared & presented to concerned officials the Road Maps for Development of the Herbal Sector in UP, MP, Orissa, Meghalaya & KVIC (2001-07).
  8. Providing inputs to the ongoing exercise by the Council of Science & Technology, UP for preparation of the proposed S&T Policy for Socio-economic development of UP (2013).


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