Revitalization and Promotion of LHTs & Ayurveda

Health Care & Awareness Involving Maps In LHTS
  1. Starting from Goni Gondwa village of Hardoi in 1989, set up more than 70 Herbal Gardens and Nurseries in NGOs, Schools, Parks, Commercial Establishments, Residential Complexes and with individuals in and around Lucknow.
  2. Set up a Charitable Dispensary in 1996, based on LHTs & Ayurveda, Accupuncture as well as Homoeopathy at its premises and expanded to other centres and villages.
  3. Organized and Participated in more than 100 free Health Camps, Awareness Exhibitions & Melas, directly benefiting more than 25,000 people and distributing more than 1,00,000 Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAPs).
  4. Surveying the Awareness level in the Community about MAPs & their uses in LHTs.
  5. Conducted a study on the Status, Potential & Use of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants in North India (Report Published).
  6. Published vast amount of Health Education Material in Hindi (and some in English), particularly based on LHTs & Ayurveda and promoting its use.
  7. Conducting large number of National & International Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Training & Awareness Programs on MAPs, LHTs & Ayurveda.


Promotion Of LHTS In North India

(As North Indian Chapter & Regional Centre of LSPSS): Besides coordinating efforts to develop a network of all concerned played important role in organizing following programs:

  1. 1989- Brainstorming on Policy Issues for Local Health Traditions & Primary Health Care
  2. 1989- Regional Conference of Traditional Healers and their promoters at Banda in collaboration with Vigyan Shiksha Kendra and a Jadi Booti Yatra to Kalinjar Forest for identification of locally available medicinal plants
  3. 1990- Paramparik Chikitsak Sammelan and Jadi Booti Yatra at Jaiprabhagram, Gonda in collaboration with Deendayal Research Institute
  4. 1990- Guni Sammelan & Jadi Booti Yatra along with Jagran Jan Vikas Samity at Udaipur.
  5. 1990- Week long Jadi Booti Yatra in Valley of Flowers and Neelkanth Glacier in collaboration with CCRAS and other experts
  6. 1991- Survey of Jaundice Epidemic in Kanpur (Largest ever reported in the world) and helping with awareness generation & traditional health care interventions
  7. 1991- National Convention on Management of Jaundice involving experts of various pathies
  8. 1992- Paramparik Chikitsak Sammelan and Jadi Booti Yatra at Khundian (Kangra-HP) in collaboration with ERA, HP
  9. 1993- Training Camp for women of Mahila Dairy Pariyojna at Sarvodaya Ashram, Hardoi (UP) for Identification & use of Medicinal Plants, particularly for MCH care
  10. 1993-96- Training of Volunteers & District coordinators of Adult Literacy Programs of UP in Local Health Traditions & use of Medicinal Plants
  11. 1994, 1995- Training of Volunteers & Health Workers of Manavodaya on  Traditional medicine & Medicinal Plants to work in Lucknow & Sitapur Districts of UP
  12. 1995- Training of Volunteers & Health Workers of Nehru Yuva Kendra, through VICAS, Allahabad on Traditional medicine & Medicinal Plants
  13. 2000 onwards-More than 2000 farmers were approached and provided free Training, Orientation and help in Organic cultivation, Certification and marketing of MAPs and value added products.
  14. 2002-Training of Volunteers & Health Workers of Sarvodaya Ashram, Barthara, Shahjahanpur on Traditional Medicine & Medicinal Plants
  15. 2003, 2004 - Training of Volunteers & Health Workers of Lok Bharati on Traditional Medicine & Medicinal Plants
  16. 2005-Training of young entrepreneurs of the Instt. of Entrepreneurship Development on Traditional medicine & Medicinal Plants processing to work in Lucknow & surrounding Districts of UP


Understanding Jaundice Epidemic of 1991 & interventions

In collaboration with Scientists and physicians from CDRI, SAC & SGPGI, Lucknow and NII, New Delhi, extensive survey of a major Epidemic of Jaundice was undertaken at Kanpur in May-June, 1991. Preventive and Curative Health Awareness and clinical interventions were made, besides submitting a Detailed Report to the Govt. of UP for improvements in water management. Besides many individuals, several Health Care companies supported the effort. It was later discovered to be the Largest Ever Reported Epidemic of Jaundice in the World and publishe in the Medical Journals ‘The Lancet’ & ‘The Bulletin of the World Health Organization’.

Similar help was provided to people on an impending Jaundice epidemic at Lucknow in June–July, 1991. Ayurveda Deptt. Of Govt. of UP was also involved in this effort through several joint clinics in different parts of the city for eventual control of the Epidemic at Lucknow.

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