Ubhay Samruddhi

Brief Annual Report of Ubhay Samrudhi Kendra 2014-15


A Resource Centre was set up in October 2014 at Kukura village of Malihabad (Lucknow) on Hardoi Road for location specific experiments in Holistic Development in a cluster of villages around. This centre is expected to work in the areas of Holistic Health, Agriculture, Education & Skill Development and Rural Technology for sustainable development with an approach of Ubhay Samridhi. Based on its own experiences and sharing the experiences of such other experiments, to synergize their strengths for sustained collective action, the Centre is expected to eventually work as an Information, Education, Communication, Training and Research Institution in all these areas with the concept of ‘Local Action with a Broader Vision’, largely in Hindi speaking north India.


The approach of Ubhay Samridhi ensures that all the stakeholders are involved and benefitted in any process. The Centre was expected to initiate programs in Health, Agriculture & Education (and Skill Development) while other aspects were to be added as its natural expansion over time, as per needs & demands of the local community. Thus, baseline data of the community of the cluster was to be collected to develop an Action Plan for the Hub. It was felt that the Centre should work in a participatory manner such that it becomes largely self-sufficient in the 5 next years.

Planned Activities:

While undertaking an interactive survey of the community and the local institutions involved in similar activities, some programs on Organic (Chemical free) Agriculture, Health, Environment and Education were initiated. It was proposed to initially set up Models of such Organic Farms & Orchards where the farmers could see for themselves viability of the technological options. It was also felt necessary to create a network of such rural producers with urban consumers as well as service providers. Thus, most of the programs followed up in this phase were on setting up a Model for promoting organic cultivation and marketing of such produce to improve the livelihood of farmers on one hand and ensuring availability of poison free food to the consumers. The programs of health and education have been kept at a low key for want of a proper team for the same and funds to undertake meaningful programs in these areas.

Current Status

Campus Development at Kukura:

A Multi Activity Hall of 40’ x 20’ and an extended Activity Shed of 40’ x 15’ have been constructed in the mango orchard of Mr. R K Mehrotra at Kukura village (photos attached). This hall and the shed are being used for the presently planned programs in the area regarding Agriculture, Health, Education and skill development for income generation. The Hall as well as the shed is also being used for drying of herbs and food processing etc., besides interactions with various groups of people and training programs for vocational skills and production during training and later. Few staff members can also stay in the hall complex for which a Toilet & Bath and a Community Kitchen (with Smokeless chulhas) has also been constructed. Personal residential area with a toilet and pantry has been extended by a permanent shed where some smaller meetings and exhibitions are also arranged for various programs.

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